In the lounge bar you will find oak floors, coffered ceilings, soft sofas; unique and stylish furnishings, custom made by master artisans.
From April until September, you can enjoy the quiet of the inner courtyard with the sculpture of Anteo, the mythological figure son of Gaia, invincible thanks to its bond with the land. A local artist, Marco Gas, created the sculpture.
In the same courtyard, two sundials are painted on the right and on the left walls, opposite one another. Lucio Maria Morra, a well-known gnomonist and artist, has realized both. The first sundial shows how many hours went by from the sunset; the second one counts the time left before sunset.


Having breakfast in a cozy place, tasting a cappuccino to perfection and a greedy croissant. Savoring the Piedmont traditional dishes of the chef Diego Solazzo even in a short lunch break. Meeting people for five o’clock tea, seeking advice about a good wine and staying up late. Accepting the invitation for a special evening, participating in an event in a refined setting. The art of good living is at home at the Lounge Bar of Palazzo Righini. It is a suitable place for a relaxed break or a creative work appointment. Some good ideas were born right here.
Nearby the lobby, you can find the cigar room, where you can taste a cigar from our selection paired with fine distillates to enhance its flavor. Specialized publications and catalogs are available in consultation at the meeting room to further explore the topic.


The menu is varied and aims to meet the taste of the most demanding palates.
Dishes that  skillful fully combine local tradition and innovation, excellent cuisine with ideal suggestions for business lunches, lunches with friends, light and  flavorful dinners  prepared by the chef and his young staff. The same quality as the Antiche Volte restaurant expressed in a light version here, for those who have to maintain the pace of a busy schedule but do not want to lose the pleasure of an appetizing dish.
Our confectioners prepare daily croissants for breakfast, the trolley of sweets to taste for a delicious snack, and the single-portion sweets to take home at the last moment. There are also cakes to order, Easter doves and classic or decorated “panettonI“ for the Christmas holidays.


Open daily from 7.00 to 23.00

For RESERVATIONS and INFORMATION+39 0172 666666 •