The cooking school is a moment of meeting between the Chef and his customers, to share some objectives:
• for the Chef, stimulating interest in cooking and the best understanding of its dishes
• for Customers
, attending a cooking school that allows them you to have a real hand-on practical experience
• for everyone
, building a cohesive group that pursues concrete goals with a team spirit


  • landlord who want to deepen their knowledge of the kitchen to give greater value to the events they organize
  • cooking enthusiasts who want to enrich their skills
  • “gift idea” given to groups of friends or acquaintances
  • groups of hotel guests who want to have a direct experience of the kitchen
  • groups that wants to exploit the experience as a team building opportunity


In the school the recipes of the Chef Diego Solazzo are realized in the first place :

  • revisited traditional Piedmontese dishes such as the Veal tartare with marinated yolk and robiola cheese with fenned scent or the Piedmontese stuffed pepper
  • original combinations
  • dishes that require particular cooking

It is then possible to make recipes or specific preparations according to the requests of the participants in the School.


Housed in the Sala delle Feste, furnished with the necessary equipment.

The group of participants is divided into 4 sub-groups, each one dedicated to a station (starters / first / second / dessert)

The chef explains the recipes and the procedure for the realization (two large television screens can support the explanation, with diagrams, images and movies, even in real time)

At each location, the participants prepare each dish directly (about 2 hours)

The dishes are served to all participants, paired with 2 wines, on a large table decorated for lunch or dinner

Participants are left with both recipe sheets and photos to remember the event