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The Courtyard 3
The Courtyard 4

The Courtyard

A harmonious space, made such by the proportion of the pilasters, the openings and the latent geometries: a “void”, from which the sculpture of Marco Gas emerges, the Greek mythological figure of Antaeus who breaks the earth and forces the stone.

In the courtyard you can also admire the sundials made by the well-known Fossano artist and gnomonist Lucio Maria Morra, one, exposed to the west, surmounted by the coat of arms of the Righini Barons, the other, to the east, by an analogue clock.
The solar dials perform the functions of clock with Italian and Babylonian hours, which measure the hours remaining before sunset and those spent at dawn, and seasonal calendar, based on the detection of the height of the sun.

In good weather, the courtyard can accommodate guests of the Lounge Bar or special events such as parties, receptions or business meetings.

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