The important design effort has allowed to obtain many spaces in the ancient building
to offer its guests an hospitality coherent with the best tradition of ancient noble Piedmont


In the basement, obtained by extending the historic cellars of the building, there are the kitchens, the gourmet restaurant Antiche Volte, between massive vaults and thick ancient brick walls, and the wine caveau, protected by ancient railings, with brick vaults and stone slab floor.
On the ground floor, overlooking the courtyard, there is the Lounge Bar Il Loggiato, which welcomes its guests both with traditional tables and comfortable sofas served by low tables.



A cozy and elegant environment, reserved for exclusive use to the guests of a single room. The area, equipped with dressing room and massage room, has a large hydromassage tub in the middle, surrounded by various other services (steam bath, sauna and emotional shower with chromotherapy). The floor is made of large walnut staves, while the sauna and hamman are hidden by a long, curved, resinous wall decorated with quotations in relief from the verses that the Latin poets dedicated to the Roman thermal baths.



A harmonious space, made such by the proportion of the pilasters, the openings and the latent geometries: a “void”, from which the sculpture of Marco Gas emerges, the Greek mythological figure of Antaeus who breaks the earth and forces the stone.
In the courtyard you can also admire the sundials made by the well-known Fossano artist and gnomonist Lucio Maria Morra, one, exposed to the west, surmounted by the coat of arms of the Righini Barons, the other, to the east, by an analogue clock.
The solar dials perform the functions of clock with Italian and Babylonian hours, which measure the hours remaining before sunset and those spent at dawn, and seasonal calendar, based on the detection of the height of the sun.
In good weather, the courtyard can accommodate guests of the Lounge Bar or special events such as parties, receptions or business meetings.


confortable upholstered chairs and armchairs, a vintage showcase and a modern bookshelf displaying specialized publications and catalogs to deepen the subject.
In the room, equipped with a dedicated air exchange system, you can choose and taste the cigars from the selection of the building in combination with fine spirits to enhance the flavour and you can also take advantage of the full service of the nearby Lounge Bar.


Considering the structure of the ancient building, guests are welcomed in two small rooms: on the left of the entrance the reception, on the right a small living room with various areas to stay, with comfortable armchairs, antique carpets and a small fireplace.


Immediately after the entrance, a large staircase climbs to what is known as the noble floor. On the vault of the staircase the restoration has rediscovered the splendid fresco of the Angelic Choirs, certainly a trace of the passage of the Augustinians, who wanted to remind us of discipline and faith and the various ways to achieve salvation. The entire floor is crossed by a loggia facing south, closed by large windows and cross vaults. The loggia, which offers a glimpse of the courtyard and the baroque church of the Holy Trinity by Gallo, has a traditional Venetian planted floor, while a wooden boiserie serves as a base for a wallpaper with floral and rustic decorations.
The loggia leads to the luxurious Party Room, where guests are welcomed for breakfast. The room, decorated with mythological frescoes of the early 1900s and with a coffered ceiling, is surrounded by a wooden boiserie and illuminated by two large eighteenth-century chandeliers.